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Our Single Goal

Identify and deploy proven asset strategies to navigate the challenges of low fixed-income yields, volatile equity markets, and capital stress due to Solvency requirements.

About Us



Charles S. Lazar 

Former managing director at Wilshire, which at the time advised on over $7 trillion in institutional and pension-fund capital. Focused on international Institutional clients such as Pension Funds; Insurance companies; Sovereign Wealth Funds; Family Offices; and Government Agencies based in Asia, Brazil, Mexico, Nordic countries in Europe; UAE, and other Middle East markets. Core client AUM ranged between $3 billion and $25 billion with some Pension and Sovereign Wealth funds and Government related clients exceeding $150 billion.


Michael Yarmish FSA, FILAA, MAAA​ 

Highly experienced Business Executive, Chief Actuary, and Strategic Consultant for large insurance organizations, government agencies, (re)insurance organizations, and investment firms in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Michael is a prolific writer on topics of risk management, M&A, and risk transfer in the insurance and pension space and is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries since 2000 with a specialty in Investments

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