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Our Mission

Delivering high quality excellent yielding assets while protecting downside risk.

The Full Story

Deep Blue Asset Protection

After observing the devastating impact on asset values caused by the ultra-low fixed income yield environment and severe capital stress caused by Solvency II regulations, Deep Blue Asset Protection Group (DBG) was established to deliver alternative strategies to traditional investment solutions for our network of Pension, Insurance, and Sovereign Wealth Funds.

These revolutionary multi-dimensional strategies convert hedging costs into profit centers while maintaining protection from drastic downturns.


Deep Blue Asset Protection Group has partnered with several world-class, and highly respected investment groups to bring niche and proven strategies to the wider market. DBG works to help Institutional Investors overlay these sophisticated strategies into their holistic portfolios.

Several leading institutional investors have already begun an allocation program of tens of billions USD towards these investment strategies.

Our group partners have demonstrated audited track records with impressive results - exhibiting either:

  • Principal-guaranteed investments with substantially above-market yields. This is accomplished via structured deferred fixed income pay-outs designed for institutions such as Pension Funds that require deferred income streams; or

  • Double-digit annually compounded returns as an enhancement to equity indices portfolios built to provide principal protection during deep market correction environments. This protection empowers institutions to allocate meaningfully more of their capacity to the equity markets to offset the effect of the current ultra-low yield environment.

Our strategies are designed with our clients’ goals in mind:  protecting and growing the savings of Pensioners and the assets of Sovereign Wealth Funds as well as reducing capital requirements of Insurance companies as dictated by Solvency II.


Our vision is to deliver the products and tools needed by prudent asset managers to protect their investors.

We strive to enable our partner clients to excel.

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