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4% - 6% Yield


Deferred Return Strategy:


Solution Highlights:

  • Senior secured note sponsored and guaranteed by a global alternative asset management company with AA rating.

  • Investment profile ideal for Pension plan asset-liability matching.

  • [40yr] legal maturity, [30yr] expected maturity, USD denominated [$1bn] size, [A-] rated by Kroll, in 144A / RegS format.

  • Mandatory redemption on year [30] if market value of Principal and Liquid Assets exceeds outstanding principal.

  • Semi-annual, fixed, coupon between years [11 or 15 to 25], no coupon between years [0 to 10 or 14] + Variable coupon sweeps of harvested investments after year [25].

  • Expected IRR [4% - 6% depending on deferral period].

  • 100% principal-protected by [40yr] [AAA Supranational/GSE/Local Government Treasury] zero-coupon acquired at the time of issuance.

Deferred Yield Asset.png
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